About Mama

I started buying stocks when my kids were little and wanted to be sure there was enough money to pay for college.  As an avid, eclectic reader, I found that I had a knack for finding good stocks that had room to run and did. At the very least, I found that my picks were better than or at least no worse than the paid “experts.”

Even though the kids are now launched adults, I’m still managing their portfolios and wanted to share my insights on what I’m buying/selling and why.  You could do worse than listen to this StockPicknMama.   Just keep in mind that I’m offering  opinions based on my experience, reading and intuition. No results are guaranteed. But then, that’s what the experts say, too, and they charge for their expertise!

Welcome and I look forward to your feedback. Let’s help each other become better stock pickers for a future of profits.



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